Birthday party ideas for kids

When you’re a kid, you lay awake just imagining how amazing your birthday is going to be, sometimes many weeks before it’s even close. That’s a lot of pressure for parents as they try to plan a party that can live up to those high expectations. This is true for families in Charlotte, just like it is for kids anywhere else. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of good resources that make planning a birthday party for your kids a bit easier. Here are the main ideas you should keep in mind while planning the big day. 

What is your budget?

The world runs on money, so many of the big items involved in planning the party depend on your budget. If your budget is unlimited, then you can bring on the helicopter rides and circus animals, but for most parents, it’s smart to start with a reasonable goal of how much you’re willing to spend. 

What is the theme of the party?

A lot rides on the theme of the party, so it’s important to pick a good one that your child will enjoy and that will not embarrass them with their friends. One good strategy is to pick five themes that you think are age appropriate and they would enjoy, and then let them pick. Fantasy themes around cartoon characters, superheroes, pirates and medieval knights/princesses are especially popular. 

Where will you have it?

If you are determined to have the party at your home, it may need to be smaller than if you have it at a theme park. Try to visualize the party and the theme (and your budget). If you have a nice, big backyard, it could be perfect for many themes. Keep in mind, you may need a backup plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate. If you do it at your house, how many guests can reasonably cram in if it begins to rain? Is there somewhere else you can have ready in case of bad weather?

Who is coming?

For young kids, it’s simple to know who to invite. Their friend group is likely just the kids in their class,their cousins and the children of your friends. To avoid trouble, it’s generally best just to invite all of the kids. If there is a particular kid in class that bullies them and would ruin the day for them, you may be able to manage the situation and exclude them, but be careful. Send invitations about a month early that give instructions for how to RSVP, information on what the theme is, and the time and place. Ask for any food allergy information with the RSVP. 

When will it be?

You may assume it should be on their birthday, but that’s not always best. A lot of times people aren’t available to bring their children to a birthday party in the middle of the week. Also, if you are having the party on a Tuesday, it would likely have to be after school and may interfere with early bedtimes or family’s unwinding time. For this reason, a weekend close to the child’s birthday is likely best. The time of day is also important. Shoot for around lunch time, because too early in the morning or too late in the afternoon can begin to cause difficulty for families. 

What will they eat? 

Honestly, pizza is usually the winner. It is easy, kids love it and you don’t have to prepare much. There are other catering options, but those can be more complicated and pricey. You can also make something yourself, like hotdogs or hamburgers, or you can go potluck style and ask everyone to bring their own dish. Having food that matches the theme is also a good idea. 

The cake is a special consideration. You should make sure the cake matches the theme, and it’s also a great touch to have their name and age written on it. This is one part of the plan that you should begin to work on a few weeks out to make sure it turns out right. Some people make their own, which for the actual cake is fairly simple from a box recipe, but the decorations and writing can be difficult to master. For this reason, you may want to get a cake maker to design it so you know it’ll be done right. 

What will they do?

The theme will determine some of the entertainment, but you can break with the theme some and the kids won’t mind. Pirates didn’t play cornhole, but that doesn’t mean they can’t. Popular ideas for entertainment include:

  • A show of some kind: puppet show, magic show, theatrical performance
  • Music: a band or even just a smart phone hooked up to speakers playing music from the party theme
  • Animals: a petting zoo or pony ride
  • Large play equipment: trampolines, inflatable bounce houses and slides
  • Games: giant jenga, cornhole, NERF, water tag

Call Triangle Lawn Games if you get stuck

If you have any questions about how best to plan your child’s birthday party, just give Triangle Lawn Games Charlotte a call at (704) 750-2968. We have been part of more kid’s special days than we can count and are very familiar with what works and what doesn’t. We also rent out many games that are fun for the children’s birthday parties. Cancelation is free and we drop them off and pick them up on your schedule.

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