How to throw a NERF party at my house

It can be hard for parents to come up with a perfect party idea for their kids’ graduations, birthdays or other get-togethers that is new, fun and active. With that in mind, if you haven’t considered having a NERF party, you should. It’ll keep large groups of kids focused in an exciting and competitive way without the pain and bruising of paintball. For an even more in-depth guide check out our full NERF guide on our parent website Triangle Lawn Games.

Planning a NERF Party

  1. Get the go ahead: The first thing you need to do is make sure it’s something your young one would be interested in. Chances are, they will be, but best to make sure. If they had their heart set on an arts-and-crafts party, NERF might end up not being as much fun as you imagined. 
  2. Confirm a location: If you’re planning to have it at your own home, scope out a location on your property that would work for kids to run around firing foam darts at each other. If your yard really isn’t big enough, and you don’t want to risk the broken vases and furniture inside, see if a friend or family member nearby would be willing to host. 
  3. Pick a date: Once you have the go-ahead from the child and have a location settled, you’ll need to pick a date that will work for that location. With children’s parties, Saturday in the late morning or early afternoon generally work best. Weekday parties usually have to be in the evening (unless all the kids are out of school), so parents’ work schedules or evening family-time will cause a lot of “no” RSVPs. You can also incorporate a lunch right before or after the NERF fight, and food always makes a party more popular.
  4. Secure the NERF gear: If you plan on making this a repeated event, with multiple NERF parties over many years, you could save money by buying your own gear. Keep in mind, you’ll need gear for however many kids you invite, which can get expensive. A more convenient and generally-more-cost-effective plan, though, is to rent the equipment. TLG Charlotte has the equipment ready to go for affordable prices and can even drop it all off and pick it up.
  5. Safety first: Yes, these are foam darts, but it is still very important to make sure one doesn’t land directly in anyone’s eye. The party is your responsibility, so you want to keep everyone safe. There is eyewear provided with NERF guns, and you should be very insistent that everyone who plans on playing has to wear this safety gear. A few other safety rules can be beneficial as well — like no physical contact with opposing players. You don’t want the NERF battle to devolve into a wrestling match. 
  6. Let them go wild: You don’t want to over plan. Part of the fun of a NERF battle is you don’t know what will happen. After everything is set up, and they all know the rules, let them dive behind the bunkers, shoot each other in the face (mask) and otherwise enjoy the fight. 

Live in the Charlotte area? You have a NERF-party expert right around the corner. Triangle Lawn Games Charlotte has full NERF Battle Packs ready to go for your next party. These include the NERF guns, safety gear, bunkers (with an air pump to blow them up) and plenty of darts! Click here for pricing and more details.