We enter 2021 with high hopes, especially relative to 2020.  Charlotte is a beautiful city that we desperately need to have a beautiful summer filled with revelry, drinking and lawn games.  Charlotte is situated in the Mid-Atlantic region which provides excellent weather year round.  While summers can be hot, they’re not oppressive like Houston or Florida and winters are relatively mild.  In fact, many a winter day result in outside activities (usually with some giant games).

  1. Cornhole – The OG, the godfather of lawn games and probably the most popular rental we have.  Whether you’re running a tournament fundraiser or enjoying some spring weather in your backyard, cornhole is always at the top of the list.  There are few things more satisfying than sinking a few bags in a row while your opponents can’t even hit the board.
  2. Giant Connect Four – This is a mainstay at all events, from children’s birthday parties to weddings, bar mitzvahs and all events in between.  The positive about Giant Connect Four:  nearly everyone is old enough to play.  It doesn’t require strength enough to toss a bag or the height to stack Jenga.  You just need the desire to have some fun!
  3. Putterball – A relative newcomer to the lawn games area, Putterball is combination of beer pong and putting.  There are holes at either end in the shape of triangles and one must sink a golf ball in their opponent’s open holes.  Once all those have been made, you win!  Putterball is great for all ages but is especially a hit among those folks in their teens or older as well as golf fans of all ages.
  4. Giant Jenga – Another one of the most popular games, Giant Jenga is a must for all events and parties.  Everyone knows how to play, it can be played indoors and it’s a ton of fun.  Giant Jenga rentals are always a top 3 and one of the most common for pick ups .  The only drawback: when we deliver, they’re pretty heavy!
  5. Ladder Golf – It goes by many names: hillbilly golf, ladder ball, ladder toss and a litany of others, ladder golf is a mainstay and especially popular in the Charlotte area.  It involves throwing “bolas” at a 3 rung ladder and attempting to score the most points by aiming at the higher scoring rungs.  It’s a great game for ages 10+ and remains a great option for larger game packages such at the 5-game.

Charlotte is a great city and usually one of the best in the South for enjoying the outdoors.  The winters are mild and the majority of the summers are pleasant (albeit a bit hot).  Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord, Matthews and all cities in between are sure to enjoy the outdoors with some lawn games and, fingers crossed, no Covid!