Park Ideas for Parties in Charlotte

The growing city in central North Carolina has recently become a hub for young professionals. With its ideal location, not far from lakes, rivers, ocean, and mountains, and the airport that can get you almost anywhere in the country, this city is perfectly livable. The downtown constantly has construction undergoing but do not be fooled, the parks that we have highlighted below are outstanding choices for an outdoor event.


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First Ward Park

This urban park only comprises 4.6 acres in the heart of downtown but it packs a punch. There are fountains that surround university buildings that are home to summer music festivals. There are planned hotels and an office building to be constructed around the park. No rentals are available so bring the supplies and enjoy a free picnic outside.

Address: 301 E 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Freedom Park

South of downside is a lakeside park with sports fields, a playground, and trails. This 98 acre park is located 3 miles from downtown and is centered around a 7 acre lake. There are 5 shelters available for rent and that can be done at this link. Also, the park is perfect for a free afternoon picnic.

Address: 1908 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203



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Midtown Park

This small, scenic park in the city of Charlotte features a grassy lawn, benches, and walkways. The park was designed by artists and combines the negative space perfectly in this small park with amazing views of uptown Charlotte. The park costs $150 to rent per hour. The park can be rented at this link.

Address: 510 S Kings Dr, Charlotte, NC 28204


Fraizer Park

This 16 acre park is on the western side of town and sits right next to I-77. It has a playground and garden plots to rent. There are no rentals available at this park so feel free to enjoy a nice picnic anytime.

Address: 1201 W 4th Street Ext, Charlotte, NC 28202

Robert L. Smith Park

This forest park is along Paw Creek and has a playground, walking trails, and disc golf course. The park is free for picnics.

Address: 1604 Little Rock Rd, Charlotte, NC 28214

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